Worm Gear Velocity Reducers: Double Reduction
Ever-Power. manufacturers double lowering Worm Gear reducers that are designed to last. Double reduction units are created with the same high quality elements as the single reduction Worm Gear reducers.
Double Decrease Worm Gear Quickness Reducer Features
Cost effective
High Reduction: 75:1 – 3600:1 and higher
C-face input or sturdy shaft input
Mix of two single reduction reducers
Solid or hollow end result shafts available
Several varieties of bolt-on bases available
Excessive tensile strength cast bronze worm wheel and a hardened and ground alloy steel worm made integral with the shaft for longer and trouble-free life
All cast iron construction
9 Styles: I, IC, IS, ICS, IM, IMS, ISF, ICSF, IMSF
Double Reduction Worm Gear Quickness Reducer Applications
Packaging Machinery
Cranes/ Hoists/Winches
Mixers/ Agitators
Shipping & Delivery
JIT delivery
Standard shipping: 3-4 days
Same/next day shipping on stock items at no additional
Twice reduction gearing mechanism is employed in enormous machinery and automotives where in the speed has to be decreased at a necessary level. For eg if the input speed is 2000rpm and the output swiftness desired is normally 300rpm a reduction gearing mechanism is used like a reduction gear box. Yet, in case of twice reduction mechanism, the reduced amount of speed occurs in 2 steps. Primarily the suggestions from the engine shaft includes a pinion mounted onto it through couplings. This pinion gear is then linked to an intermediate equipment which is first lowering gear. This equipment is then connected to some other low acceleration pinion on another shaft. This low speed pinion is linked to the second reduction gear which is attached on the propeller shaft which may be the output.
Greaves Double Reduction Speed Reducers are two level worm reduction products. A exclusively designed primary worm reduction unit is integrally attached on a typical single decrease Greaves worm reducer which varieties the second stage. The composite models provide the most compact and rigid arrangement for large reduction of speed necessary for gradual shifting machinery. A broad range of ratios upto 4900:1 is available.
The wormshafts are made of top quality case hardening steeL accurately generated, ground and superfinished. The wormwheels include phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rims of significant sections welded to rigid centres. Considerable overall flexibility of shaft layout is normally permissible with all types of Double Reduction units
Ever-Power Double Reduction Worm Gearboxes are two stage worm reduction units.
A specifically designed primary worm decrease product is integrally mounted in a standard single reduction AGNEE worm gearbox which forms the second stage. The composite devices provide the most small and rigid set up for large reduction of speed necessary for sluggish moving machinery. A wide range of ratios up to 4900:1 is offered.
Double Lowering Worm Gear Container Sizes Available with us are 40, 50, 60, 75, 85, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 350, 430.
Nominal Gear Ratios: 100:1, 150:1, 200:1,300:1, 400:1, 600:1, 750:1, 1000:1, 1200:1, 2000:1, 2800:1
Nominal ratios listed are a typical selection of commonly used ratios from the overall range of Ever-Power Twice Reduction Worm Gear Box. Information on other ratios on request.
Under Driven / Over Driven / double reduction gear reducer Vertical Input or Output Shaft Variation / Shaft Mounted Version / All sorts with motor installation adaptor /
motor – optional
The worm shafts are constructed of high quality case hardening steel, accurately generated, ground and super finished. The worm wheels include phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rims of considerable sections welded to rigid centers. Considerable overall flexibility of shaft layout can be permissible with all types of Double Reduction units.
Product Description
The merchandise are widely applied in the generating equipments of all kinds of industries household and overseas. They are the best options for nowadays modern facilities of mechanical reducing drive control to know large twisting distance, huge gear ratio, low noise, high performance and low temperature.
Customized top quality double worm gear speed reducer aluminium gearbox lowering gearbox with electric motor
Blue, Silver Or as customer’s requirements
low noise (<50DB)
Great Efficience and low noise and low temperature
Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy
Worm Gear-Bronze 9-4#
Worm-20CrMnTi with carburizing and quenching, area harness is 56-62HRC
Shaft-chromium steel-45#
Carton and Wooden Case
C&U Bearing
One Year
Input Power:
0.06kw, 0.09kw, 0.12kw, 0.18kw, 0.25kw, 0.37kw, 0.55kw, 0.75kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw
Industrial Machine: Food Stuff, Ceramics, Chemical, Packing, Dyeing,
Wood working, Glass.
IEC Flange:
56B5, 56B14, 63B5, 63B14, 71B5, 71B14, 80B5, 80B14, 90B5, 90B14, 100B5, 100B14, 112B5, 112B14, 132B5, 160B5
Synthetic & Mineral